Gallery of Applets

Welcome to the gallery of BolderStats applets. These Java applets were prepared for instructional use in statistics classes at the University of Colorado. They are not intended for statistical calcuations. Instead, they illustrate various statistical principles. Direct interaction with the applets allows students to better understand the underlying statistical principles.

All applets demonstrated here use the charting, mathematical, and statistical class files of Visual Numerics' JMSL™ Numerical Library for Java™ Applications. If you have any trouble with the applets, check Browser Notes for tested browsers and operating systems as well as necessary plug-ins.

Click on the links to the left to see each applet. The page displaying each applet provides explanation and instructions on how to use the applet. Below are brief descriptions of each applet with a link. Click on the "Home" link or use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

Correlation and Regression Applet

Binomial Distribution

Normal Distribution

Correcting Conceptual Misunderstandings

Applets are very useful for helping correct common data analysis misunderstandings. Below are two examples.

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